Friday, April 23, 2010

Expo Night

Thursday night I headed downtown with Hubby to go to the Country Music Half Marathon Expo to pick up my stuff and look around. I met my SIL there and hubby dropped me off at the door to find a parking spot. Well I would've been able to enjoy it more if he actually parked instead of driving downtown and waiting for me. There was so much to see, seeing that I am a first timer. I enjoyed seeing all the booths but wish there would've been more freebies. I also wish I could've snagged some products to review on here...we'll just have to be patient I guess! I did get a demonstration of The Stick product and man was it nice! Hubby was rushing me to be finished so I didn't quite get to see everything but that's okay. There's always one to look forward to in September and this time I won't bring the hubby :)

KEEP ME IN YOUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS!!! Hopefully I won't be swept up in a tornado tomorrow and am not completely miserable running/walking in the rain....4 am is going to come early. Tonight, Derek and I are headed over to SIL and BIL house for a spaghetti/pasta carb loading experience!!!! and to watch the episode of 24 that we missed on monday that they DVR'd :)

Happy Running (in the massive storm) Country Music Marathon and Half Marathon Runners/Walkers! See ya on the flip side :)

P.S. I will have my sweet Olympus Water proof Camera with me and will be documenting EVERYTHING!!!

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