Thursday, April 8, 2010

*Celebrate good times, Come on*

For some reason, I have that song in my head because I have some pretty exciting stuff going on in my life! After waking up this morning, making hubby an egg sandwich for breakfast before he went to work, I made my self a cup of wonderful coffee (with cinnamon vanilla creamer :), a bowl of cereal and Rachel Ray, I sat down to catch up with facebook, emails, google reader, twitter, etc. To my surprise, Women's Running Mag announced a new city for their Women's Half Marathon!!! AND GUESS WHAT!!!! It's in NASHVILLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was prepared to skimp on shopping for a couple months and save my blow money to travel to St. Petersburg, FL in November to do the Women's Half because it looked awesome! Now I don't have to because it's basically in my backyard (give or take a few miles...well 30 but closer than FL) AND it is sooner! September 25th!! I am sooo excited about this one!
The charm comes out of the center so you can put it on a necklace! How cool is that!!!!

Visit Women's Half Marathon to register! Between now and April 18th Registration fee is ONLY $50!!! I am signed up and hope all of you Nashvillians sign up as well! Even friends not from Nashville, COME VISIT and do this with me!!!

I am as equally excited/nervous that my first half marathon is only a few short 16 DAYS AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As for training today, I began outside. It was really windy and a little bit chilly. Tut Tut..looks like rain
This is my house!
I did 1.5 miles outside and decided to do the other 3.5 inside to total 5 miles in 55 minutes!

Then after finishing my run/walk, I did 30 minutes of strength training and yoga on my Wii Fit!
Today's workout was so great! I felt great about it!

Tonight we are going here: Arrington Vineyard to hear Kix Brooks (from Brooks and Dunn) sing for FREE! He is the co-owner of the vineyard and it's going to be outside! I am soo excited for this too!


  1. It is super exciting that the women's half is coming to Nashville. And hey, you can't beat signing up for $50. There's no way I'd do it if it cost more than that. We'll have to find each other and say hello!

  2. I love Nashville and that run sounds like so much fun! I'm doing the country music half marathon there in a couple of weeks and can't wait! (I found your blog from Life is a Marathon). Happy running to you!