Saturday, April 3, 2010

8.75 miles at Radnor Lake

Yesterday, MIL (Mother-in-law, Sandy), and I went on a 2 mile brisk walk before hubby got up and Kenzie (SIL) got here! We had a full day of fun shopping and gallivanting around Cool Springs and the Brentwood area! I got some new running shorts and shirts from Academy Sports and TJ MAXX!! Sister went to Fleet Feet and got new shoes....I'm so jealous! I'm definitely getting my next pair there!! The service was excellent and I was watching the girl like a hawk when she was talking to Kenzie and having her try on the shoes, walk and jog in them! I was so intrigued!

Today, Kenzie, Sandy and I went to Radnor Lake to do our long walk/jog! We did 8.75 miles and Sandy did all of it with us! Halfway through we stretched, ate a powerbar recovery (I was starved and couldn't wait until our training was over!!) and tried a powerbar energy fruit chew! They were really good and gave us just enough boost! I believe that this might be my new favorite place to walk/run in Nashville. Although, I do love the trail off of Concord Road!!!
Enjoy my pictures, taken from my iphone!

I love that this road is closed except for the park workers

Isn't this just beautiful?????

Let's go Kenzie and Sandy!!!!

Look at the row of turtles sunning themselves!!

We are so ready for the Music City Half in 3 weeks!!!! Well almost ready!!

We are also planning on doing the Bellbuckle 10 miler in June and the half marathon in Murfreesboro, TN in October so far. I would love to do the Women's Half Marathon in St. Peterburg, FL in November! We'll see how the budget is and if I can swing it!


  1. What a gorgeous run!! I wish it were that pretty here in Jax! I'm afraid it would only be cars and roads in my pictures hahaha :)

    Good for you for running in the Nashville RnR! I would love to do that next year!!!

  2. Tiff, for some reason this blog doesn't show up on my dashboard when it is updated... your other one does, and I'm definitely 'following' you. Oh well, I just have to remember to click on it every once in a while! love you!