Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Down to the home stretch

10 days until the Country Music Half Marathon.
10 days until I start my first half marathon.
10 days until I complete my first half marathon.

I did a short train today. 3 miles in 28 minutes! I plan to do 4 miles tomorrow and then hopefully a 6 miler on Saturday morning. We are traveling back to my home state, Good ol' WV, for some friends from college wedding. We'll be staying at my parents house and the wedding isn't until the afternoon, so hopefully I can get in a quick 6 miles that morning. Then the last week until the big day!

I have been wondering about post-half-marathon training. Any good tips? What do you normally do after a race? I've been plateauing lately with weight and I'd like to loose a couple more pounds so I bought the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred! I plan to do that some after the half but I need to keep up the miles because I am doing the 10 miler in Bellbuckle in June. I would also love to get into kick-boxing, zumba, and spinning classes! We'll see! Gotta get a workout schedule that will work for me but let me keep getting my miles in for training.

P.S. Since I'm a first grade teacher, I have to share two little comments from my sweet little children. First: A little girl came up to my desk a couple days ago and said "My mom's gone all organic on me! She buys everything organic! She made me throw away all my snacks and now gives me organic snacks!!!!" later on during snack time she held up her bag and said "Look who gave me organic again! I can't take organic anymore!" SHE CRACKS ME UP!!
Second: A little boy came up to me after working on a math worksheet and said "Mrs. Clark I feel like my brain has been working really hard but I think the left side is broken."
27 more days until summer break! I sure am going to miss those kiddos!

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  1. Yay!! You are so close to the half marathon. I am so excited for you friend, but still can't figure out how you convinced me to do the half with you in September. Have a great weekend and I love the funny things your kids say.