Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sweaty Band Review!

My first review ever! I bought a sweaty band at the women's half expo in Nashville. I was a little skeptical at first because I've tried all kinds of head bands and I guess I'm just blessed with silky hair and head bands like to slide off. I just had to get this one though because it had the official logo on it for our race! I tried it out that night when friend Heather and I went on our last 2 mile easy walk 2 days before race day. It stayed really well to my surprise! Therefore, I decided since I haven't mastered the side french braid to hold back my (longer than I want them to be) side bangs, I opted to wear this beauty:

The inside is made of a velvety material and absorbs sweat and stays in place!Can't really see it well on me right now but I used it tonight on my run!

And it's upside down...oh well! I tried!
You can get sweaty bands of all different patterns, colors, glittery ones, ones that have sayings, etc. I really want these:
They also have a hot pink glittery one that I want but couldn't find it on the site. Anyways the thin bands are only $15.00 and the Thick bands are $18.00. I think they are totally worth it!

Click here to check out Sweaty Bands!

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