Thursday, July 8, 2010

Life gets in the way...

So sorry friends! I'm a bad updater in the summer!

Well my training plan for last week was put on hold because my Great Grandmother of 101 years old passed away and Derek and I went to WV to go to the viewing and funeral. I've decided to start the Jeff Galloway training program but instead of walking/running, I'm going to bike, elliptical or swim it for now until my foot cooperates.

His plan goes like this: Monday-30 min run, Wednesday-30 min run, Thursday-easy walk and Saturday is your mileage runs.

I also got these puppies for my b-day!!! Which was yesterday :) Big 23...I got to go to Fleet Feet and get custom shoes for my feet...I also go this topical ibuprofen cream for my tendonitis!

So for training this week, I did 3 miles in 15 minutes on the bike, 1.1 miles on the elliptical in 15 minutes on Monday and today I did 5 miles in 27 minutes on the bike. Tomorrow I plan to do an easy walk in the morning, go to the pool at the rec center for a couple of hours and then get ready for my Birthday night out!!! We are going to Mafiaozo's 12 South in downtown Nashville and then The Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar! I'm so excited to go out with my hubby and great friends!