Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wednesdays Workout

Amy and I decided to just go to the cardio room today and do the treadmill instead of "Target Zone" and "Pilates." So we go around 4:30 and it is packed. I got the one treadmill that was left and Amy was stuck on an elliptical. I ran/walked for a little over 30 minutes and did 3 miles! It wasn't as spiritual of a run because a million people were in there and I couldn't just raise my hands if I got blessed by the song, people would think "What's wrong with that girl?" and that would be unnecessary :)

On another note, my best friend from home came down! Her sister had to be down here for the weekend and let her tag along. We hung out at TJ and Heather's on Friday (the norm) and watched Time Travelers Wife...So good and sad and creepy. Then she stayed at our house which she has not seen before. Saturday (yesterday) we got up and ventured to Opryland Hotel and the OpryMills Mall. So frustrated with the route we had to make but that's besides the point and I'm pretty sure I walked more than my alotment of miles yesterday. We walked from 12:15-5ish something in the afternoon with only 2 short sitting breaks (food court and in Nike outlet to try on shoes). It was intense! (Now to the half-marathon training exciting purchases)

Tank and sports bra are from Forever 21 and for a great steal! The others are from the nike outlet! and another great steal!

I gotta go get ready for church..yikes!


  1. awesome clothes tiff!! I love shorts like the grey ones you got! I wish I could go shopping!!!

  2. Hey friend what is the name of the shoes you got? I am trying to see if I can find them online for any cheaper.