Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 6

Today was suppose to be my off day, but since I've been slacking and I had another snow day off from school, I decided to go down to the workout room at our townhouse complex. I wanted to do a test on the accuracy of the treadmill because I believe that it is an older model and might be off in accuracy. There could be no way that I did 3 miles in 30 minutes the first time. So I used my iphone/nike+ and it was about a mile off. Derek says that he would bet more on the treadmill of being right than the nike + but who knows. If the treadmill was right, then I did about 4 1/2 miles in 44 minutes. If Nike + was right, then I only did 3 miles in 44 minutes.

Any suggestions if I should get specific running socks, or new shoes? I have nike+ air tennis shoes and have only had them for a year and a half.


  1. if you haven't ran in the shoes much or used them 'roughly' then they might be ok. they say at shoe's lifespan is 300-500 miles depending on how good the shoes are. if the tread on the bottom is still pretty even, like the heel isn't worn down more on one side then they're probably ok. and if the inside sole is still ok. or you can get inserts though that are pretty good... and I don't know much about socks. in high school i never wore socks in track or cc, lol! but now I have Peds socks & they are really squishy and comfortable!

  2. I agree w/ Kelsey on the shoes..you should be fine. but experienced marathon-runners definitely believe that you shouldn't change your shoes right before the race-- you're more likely to get blisters. so if you're comfortable in what you have, keep them but make sure they'll last through the race or try to get some different ones a as far in advance as possible.
    socks..are your preference. I have Under Armour socks that wick away sweat, supposed to help prevent blisters there too.