Friday, February 26, 2010

4 mile Friday

I am stretching as I am posting this....

I brought clothes to change into after school to go straight to the rec center. My poor husband was willing to go to the rec center with me last night because they usually have open volleyball in the gym. Well just his luck, no one showed up. So he walked/ran around the track above the gym for a little bit, sat on the bleachers and played on his phone and then hit the volley ball against the wall for a bit. Then he got bored, so he came back up to me and asked if I was almost done...I was suppose to do 4 miles last night and only got to 2.3 miles. So I stopped so we could go home.

Today I had to catch up! I did 4 miles on the treadmill in 59 minutes!!!! First 4 mile on the treadmill...whew and it killed me..I am exhausted not to mention that this week was our first full 5 day week since the second week of January and it has been CRAZYYYY!!!!!!

Hopefully this weekend will be nice so Kenzi and I can go to the trail on Concord Road :)

Happy Friday!

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