Sunday, March 28, 2010

8 miles turned into 11 miles

Saturday was such a beautiful day here in Nashville, TN! Me and my sister-in-law met up at Centennial park in downtown Nashville at 9. We looked up the route for our Half-Marathon we are doing here in a couple weeks to get familiar with it. Kenzi did this Half-Marathon 2 years ago so she was pretty familiar with the course. We planned to warm up around Centennial, stretch, and then go 4 miles in and back. Well we got to the front of the park where the road is and my stupid Nike+ stopped working again. My iphone couldn't pick up the sensor and this is a brand new sensor. I've only used it once and now it doesn't work!!!!! I was pretty angry! So we were off and jogged some, mostly walked but it was at a great pace I thought, since this was truly our first "Long" run/walk. We got to Belmont University and Kenzi said she wanted to show me a house about another mile or so down the road. We ended up going 5.5 miles in and back, totaling to a whopping 11 miles, folks! I was really struggling the last end of it but we made it back in 2 hours and 30 minutes. During our walk/run, we stopped at McDonald's to use the bathroom and then at the turn around point to stretch, so that might skew the time a bit but none the less, I was very proud of us! We took some fun pics of the city, Music Row, etc!

P.S. Saturday was also amazing because my team made it to the final four! Let's Go WVU!

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  1. wow Tiff that's great!! you two are gonna kick butt for sure. the longest run I've done/will do is 9. I was supposed to do 10 but skipped it and took the day off instead, oops. I have some friends who go to school @ Belmont, so maybe when I come visit you can show me where it is!
    <3 you.