Monday, March 8, 2010

74 degrees in March..I think so!

What a beautiful March 8th! We had professional development today county wide and it was pretty productive but I was itching to get out of there so I could go do my run/walk outside! We got home around 4 and I immediately changed and headed for the trail over in Wyngate subdivision which is a minute from my house. The trail is paved and about a half mile long. I ran a quarter of that and then walked on the sidewalks of the subdivision for about a mile and a half. Then I went back down the trail, turned around and ran the whole thing!!!! I kept saying out loud (thankfully no one was close to me and I didn't know how loud I was saying it because of my headphones) "I can do this, I can do this!" and it helped! Not to mention I was also listening to Israel and the New Breed Praise and worship songs and they always pump me up! Then I turned around and walked the rest of the trail back to my car! Total of 3 miles!

Needless to was a great afternoon....except when my hubby came in and I didn't have the oven preheated! :/ OOPS!!! Guess I was too busy writing this post to remember to preheat the oven!

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  1. Tiff you should get this song if you haven't already heard it, it's awesome! we did it Sunday morning... it's called I will run by Freddy Rodriquez