Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 3

Today I thought was going to be another tough day. Amy and I were suppose to do an hour of Zumba at the Rec Center and then I was going to walk/run 2 miles but I looked on the wrong calendar for the Zumba time and missed it.

I only walked this time on the treadmill for 2 miles. I also used my iphone with the nike+ feature for the first time, instead of using my ipod nano (a million generations old), and like it much better! Oh the iphone...what a great invention!

Anyone know any good shin stretches? Also, I have nike air + tennis shoes. I got them about 2 summers ago and they are still in good shape as far as I know. How do I know if they are good shoes for my training/half marathon?

P.S. I love being a teacher in Tennessee. I have a snow day tomorrow and it hasn't even snowed yet. Calling for ice and snow tomorrow. What a great way to spend my "rest" day!

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  1. shin stretches: stand with just your toes on the edge of the step so your heels are hanging off. slowly raise and lower up and down on your toes. it's gonna hurt if you have shin splints but it'll help :)