Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tendonitis....I hate you!

For almost 3 weeks now, the top of my right foot by my 3 last toes has hurt when I walk, sometimes at night, and sometimes when I'm not doing anything at all. I went to the doc last Thursday because I was worried it was a stress fracture and I wanted to take care of it before it got too bad. I had x-rays and everything...no stress fracture, but tendonitis. So, I had to take steroids, rest it, elevate it when I could, and wrap it with an ace bandage to compress it. I guess they are right when they say "It's going to hurt worse before it feels better." because that is what it feels like....

So this puts a damper on my training for my next half marathon in September :( I was getting all pumped up to start training again and now this happens. So doc's orders were to swim laps to get the exercise in. I started that yesterday. I had the townhouse complex pool all to myself. I did 4 laps of freestyle, 2 laps of breast stroke and 2 laps of back stroke to start off. I rested for a bit and floated in my pool raft and then I used my raft to act as a kick board and I did the legs for freestyle down, breast back, butterfly down, back stroke back. I did this twice up and down the pool. I was definitely tired after that.

Hopefully it won't take 4 weeks for this foot to heal :(

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  1. Tiff,
    I've experienced the same feeling in my feet for years. It comes and goes. I know you don't eat a lot of rich foods and red meat, but look up the symptoms of gout, too and see what the diet is. Even if it isn't gout, the diet may help it...maybe.