Tuesday, June 29, 2010

13 Weeks left to train

My next half marathon (Women's Half-Nashville) is 13 weeks away. My foot still hurt a little bit when I walk, so I am going to do some alternate hard core training to get my body in shape so when I can pick up and walk/run again, my foot won't hurt. I want to try to follow the Jeff Galloway plan this time but I didn't start it in time because of my foot. So I'm going to tweek it a little bit.
Plan for this week:
Monday- Swim for 30 minutes. (4 times freestyle up and back, 4 times back stroke up and 4 times breast stroke up and back) then I did once up and back the kicks of freestyle, back, breast and fly. I also walked 4 laps around the pool. Then in the evening, hubby and I went on a 2.2 mile bike ride and played in the pool.
Tuesday- Bike for 30 minutes in the workout room. Swim for 30 minutes. (Probably the same routine up there but maybe add a lap to the kicks).
Wednesday- Swim for 30 minutes. Try elliptical, if my foot starts hurting with that, then I'll do bike again.
Thursday- Jillian Michael's minus the jumping jacks and jump rope and butt kicks (hurt foot) but I will try the rest. Swim for 30 minutes.
Friday- Swim for 30 minutes.
Weekend- REST!!!

Hubby and I are doing something exciting for our anniversary! We wanted to get each other something that we can use and have fun with together. We are getting road bikes (maybe me a hybrid bike, not sure if I would like a road bike yet) and a bike rack for our SUV so we can take our bike to paved trails to go on bike rides together! I am very excited about this!!!

I promise to try to post more often now. I just haven't been feeling like it since I've hurt my foot!

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