Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not too much longer...

I have been worse at updating during this training than I was last time and I apologize for that! I want to share all my running goodies that I have purchased so far and review them on here but I want to wait until I hit up the Women's Half Marathon Expo next Thursday. You'll just have to wait until maybe next Thursday night or after the big race!

Couple week re-cap in short:
3 Saturday's ago-friend Heather and I planned to do 8 miles. We went to Radnor lake and it apparently had some problems during the flood because there were gravel places every so often on the road, so we did a quick up and back (2miles) and then headed over to River Park off of Concord Road and finished up total with 7.5 miles.

2 Saturdays ago-I did 6 miles by myself around my neighborhood and on the treadmill

Last Saturday- Friend Heather and I met at River Park do 10 miles. The night before I woke up in the middle of the night with an excruciating charlie horse in my right calf. I tried to stretch it out after I woke up for the day. We warmed up and stretched and it felt a little better. We were going strong and every so often I had to stop and stretch it out. By the time we got to around 8.5 miles, Heather wasn't feeling well and my leg felt like it was about to explode. We decided that we could push through during the half but we probably shouldn't push it before the race. My charlie horse finally went away by this Monday! I've done 2 30 minute runs this week despite my poor allergy condition :(

I have a fun weekend ahead of me and so glad tomorrow is FRIDAY!!
*Friday night-babysit Addy Miller :)
*Saturday-Hubby and I will head to Chattanooga, TN with friends to go to Ruby Falls and a gun show...(their choice)
*Sunday-Heather and I will run our last 8 mile run before the big race day!

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